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WILLEAP exports several kinds of consumer goods. The most substantial item is household goods such as cleaning supplies, laundry supplies, toiletries among others. And Korean personal care products and foodstuffs are in high demand around the world too.

Both standard products and OEM products are available at reasonable prices and with our reliable services.

If a wholesaler or a distributor wants to deal in various kinds of foreign-made commodities, they can import the goods from different factories or brand owners.

But in consideration of efficiency, it would be better to have a business partner in a country and import different kinds of goods through the partner. Our partners in Vietnam and China have been doing so through us, and we have been providing not only commodities but also various services for them. For example, we used to offer  branding and design services at our expense as well as production and supply to our partners who want to import their own brand's products manufactured in OEM factories.

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