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WILLEAP was founded in the year 2011 for a strategic alliance for overseas marketing with a bioplastic company that had been dedicated to R&D in the field of biodegradable polymers and their applications since 1999.


As a result of our continued efforts to replace the conventional plastic products that have contaminated the environment with biodegradable products, we have established ourselves as a leading company in the field of biodegradable compounds.

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Apart from the bioplastic business, we have been engaging in a specialized design & consulting service of acoustic & soundproofing in partnership with our sister company RPGKOREA DIFFUSOR SYSTEM CO., LTD which is a full-service acoustic design and consulting firm that combines expertise in architecture, acoustics, noise control, acoustic solutions and interiors.

We have also been participating in the development of a range of soundproofing & sound absorbing products, acoustic products, and functional interior products being done by our partners such as RPGKOREA DIFFUSOR SYSTEM CO., LTD and iTEC Technologies Ltd. and promoting and distributing the products abroad.

An attractive and high-end sound maker VST(Vibration Sound Transfer) is one of products in our portfolio. It conjures sound from flat and rigid surfaces without a speaker by a principle that electric signals are transformed into vibrations and then the vibrations are transformed into sound.

Besides, we represent some Korean SMEs that have no in-house international sales department or personnel. We help distributors and manufacturers around the world procure different kinds of consumer goods and producer goods made in Korea.

We are doing our best to provide customer-centric services for our clients with unique, innovative, safe, and high-quality products. We value trust above all, and trade confidence between our partners with commodities.

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